Friday, May 26, 2017

Journees des Plantes de Chantilly

Every May Domaine de Chantilly celebrates Spring with a 3-day garden party, Journee des Plantes. I went two years ago. Its worth going every year in my opinion.
Just a short 22-minute train ride from Paris, Chantilly is as splendid as Versailles.
Next time I'll visit the horse museum. Hunting/la chasse is the theme of the chateau.
Blue skies with intermittent rain drops did not deter guests a bit
From visiting the over 200 garden stands. We both fell hard for this miniature conservatory. Perfect for painting or writing plus a few plantes if you must.
Smashing garden furniture too.
The French are crazy for British brand Barbour jackets. De riguer in the country always.
We both went crazy over these ornamental orange and lemon potted  trees from Oscar Tintori of Pescia, Italy.
Their lemon, bitter orange and bergamote marmalades were irresistable. 3 jars came back to Paris.
A sumptuous show of plants and flowers.
The chateau was open to all garden guests.

Chantilly's art collection is world famous.
A dreamy 2-story library including the rare Book of Hours manuscripts on display.
Serene gardens with large reflecting pools designed by Andre Le Notre seen from inside the chateau.
Chantilly makes for a wonderful day trip from Paris minus the crowds of Versailles. Do consider a visit.Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like to receive Paris breakfast letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my shop. Bon Week-end!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I still love Trouville-sur-mer

I went last August for 3 days and then again with C. On Monday-Tuesday to lovely ole Trouville-su-mer
Its in Normandy in case you were wondering, 2 hours from Paris. Depart from Gare St. lazare.
I still love the Marché de Poisson - 6 stands of super fresh crustaceans. Nothing cooked. Go across the street for that.
My pre-birthday lunch. OTT to say the least.
Natch I did a watercolor of said homard/lobster. Email me if interested.
We did eat across the street too at Les Vapeurs, loadd with turn of the century paraphrenelia
In fact we thought we were at Le Central..they are right next to each other.
Never mind. Our meal was superb!
Extremely yummy Normandy oysters. FYI, Prices are somewhat higher when you sit down at a white tablecloth place vs. the raw bar across the street.
Natch I painted my huitres/oysters.
French poster artist par excellence, Savignac's artwork is everywhere - its his home town.
I still love the wild, crazy French Victorian architecture in Trouville
We attempted to sketch this
First time for Carolyn and she did better than moi
Not much has changed from when Monet painted it...
We took the little tourist train (8€) up to see more houses.
We took the little boat to Deauville too (1.20€ for 2 minute ride...I could have stayed longer on the boat). I ate this lieges chocolat in Deauville(7,90€). Why oh why? I will go back soon I hope. You too!Thank you for reading Parisbreakfast.  If you'd like to receive Paris letters and mapin your mailbox, stop by my shop. 
Bon Week-end!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

ParisBreakfast May letter..a work in progress

When Spring rolls around Parisiens get delirious about plants for their petit balcons.
Not sure why this surprises me. Maybe in New York only the 1% have a balcon to fuss over.
Look at this! Scented grass (rosemary, verbena etc.) for your petite terrasse.
Every Parisien's dream, La Compagne à Paris (the country in the city) There does seem to be a Green revolution going on in Paris.
At my local whatever shop Bü, all kinds of DIYs
I have yet to try any. My thumb is every color but green.
I went back to Grand Palais' Jardins exhibit for more plant immersion.
Mainly the gift shop, now a plant store plus all too many gorgeous books.
Spring green tea tins to die for. Who cares what's inside. So many beauitful things. You Must go!
Time 'to tend my own garden/jardin' as Voltaire said. Get back to the drawingboard for the May letter art.
My ongoing obsession with hot air balloons (and sheer terror of extreme heights), why not paint flying flowerpots viewed from a Paris balcon?
Taking things a step further...
'Paperdoll' time. Let's cut and paste and move bits around!
1st version, Bear approved his likeness. Whew. I heard noises outside my door. Must be the concierge. It was my proprietor (landlord). I invited/shoved him in for an opinion.
"No good" he said. "The revised Eiffel Tower is wrong, wrong, wrong". 
Oh. OK. Time for a do-over. Must stick with original Eiffel Tower!! You can see the final letter on Etsy. 
By the way the green bug thing is from Grand Palais' gift shop.