Monday, December 22, 2014

Bear's Berthillon Noel

When Solli invited Bear for an ice cream at Berthillon's Salon de The this Sunday no way was he going to say no.

I'm showing the sign as a reminder to myself not to misspell BERTILLON AGAIN. (Clue - there is no extra i in Berthillon).

There were not so many people when we arrived at noon. By the time we left it was packed. The big boat thing in the center is the pastry case.

Surprisingly, though most don't know it, this ice cream flavor menu is digital. The flavors change daily. Yesterday there were only half as many parfumes available as shown here...perhaps because it was Sunday?

Bear tried to order the 'Coupe enfant'(kiddie size) but you can't fool the staff at Berthillon.

So he picked the anniversary flavor '60s' mainly because it was passion fruit + vanilla + spices. Very nice indeed.

Solli's friend Clara got sorbets pammlemousse and peche(grapefruit and peach). While Solli got marron glace( a special Christmas flavor) and the best pistachio I've ever tasted in Paris.
Someone was wishing they could send theirs back for an exchange.

Solli is an expert ice cream taster since her company insisted she taste, shoot and visit every ice cream shop in Paris for a full week and then report back. What a tough job.

Solli says the metal cups(coupes) at Berthillon are preferred to paper cups. They keep ice cream from melting. Who knew?

She also noted the spotted marble tables match the marble floor. Sharp eyes! I completely missed that. Does the marble keep the metal cups cool?

I was surprised the only Christmas decorations - a case full of map globes.

A closer inspection revealed silver decorative balls, almost Victorian on their little pedestals. They do look like scoops of ice cream. Do you know what these are?
On departing a lingering look in the pastry case is essential, though most people only think ice cream, ice cream ice cream when they think of Berthillon.

FYI Berthillon has maybe the best tarte tatin in all Paris.

Another break-your-heart Berthillon Tarte Tatin picture.

Another well-kept secret is Berthillon's tarte fine au pomme - an open tart of deeply caramelized apple slices for a mere 2,50 euros, same price as one dip of ice cream and maybe healthier if you're into rationalizing like some people. What do you think?
My ode to Berthillon's tarte fine au pomme.
FYI it's still possible to get a Paris Sketch Letter gift subscription in time for the holiday believe it or not.
Someone requested one yesterday so I scanned the personalized December letter and emailed it, to be printed out in time (with the actual letters to follow). Who knew?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

'Shine bright like a diamond'

'Like diamonds in the sky'

Paris Christmas STREET LIGHTS

Never cease to delight

More than 130 streets are lit up in Paris for Noel.

'Paris illumine Paris'
Paris lives up to it's name "Ville Lumière"

A complete list of streets HERE.
Early December to beginning of January, Paris City Hall will switch on the lights from 5 PM till 2 AM each night.

I love Printemps 'street' of lights along Avenue Haussmann better than their window decorations...

Diptyque too has spectacular lights over their original shop on 34, blvd Saint Germain.

Lite-up trees along blvd Saint Germain.
More lite-up streets in the 6th arron:
Rue de Rennes illuminée de la Place du 18 Juin 1940 au Boulevard Saint –Germain

Rue d’Assas de la rue de Rennes à la rue du Cherche Midi

Rue Notre Dame des Champs de la rue de Rennes à la rue de Fleurus

Rue St Placide, entre la rue du Cherche Midi et la rue de Sèvres

Portion de la rue de Sèvres à proximité du Bon Marché

Bd Saint-Germain de la rue des Saints-pères à Odéon ainsi que la place Saint-Germain des Prés
A spectacular lite-up tree at Notre Dame one very chilly Dimanche with PBer Gretchen...

At Un dimanche a Paris these edible trees - their buche de Noel.

Some Paris shops go to town with the lights...

A little restaurant on the Island gets into the act...

What to wear in Paris now?

Follow these French girls example: All black, big brand bags (2 if possible), branded knitted cap, boots, no scarf.
At the end of my street, Sully-Morland and quai de Bethune, a rather unspectacular display of flashing lights on 4 trees. Still nice to see when I get home after a walk through Paris' drizzle.
"Shine bright like a diamond" Paris !

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Paris Winter Whites and The Greek Diet

Some days take on a color from the get go. Yesterday I received this card from a friend in New York of skaters in Central Park.

Next I looked at Monique's gorgeous post on her Canadian winter wonderland. If you have not visited La Table de Nana you have a big treat in store. Run, don't walk.

The only snow in Paris right now is faux (false) resting on top of faux chalets in the marche des Noels like the one on boulevard Saint Germain.

First thing I got off the bus yesterday I was blasted with a whoosh of Winter whites in perfumerie Caron's vitrine(window).

Next door Joseph had Winter white on the brain with this posh snowy outfit.

Monop has 'les hits tres hotte de Noel' Winter white T-shirt for the kids at a way lower price tag.

My purpose was a visit it to the new Café Pouchkine salon de The, 155, blvd Saint Germain 75006

If you want a true blast of winter head for a Russian café.

And very glam as expected.

Good idea to rob a bank before dropping by (though forget the rubles at the moment which are diving).

I wish I'd been more adventurous picking out my white dessert...


Why of why did I go for the Koulich (in fact an Easter fruit cake)? Oh right. I was looking on the right side of the menu.

The hot chocolate, made at your table at Pouchkine is divine. The cake, not so exciting. Half a bite and I was finished. Still a very good choice if you're on a diet. No worries or guilt about cleaning up the plate!

Outside the always tres hotte hit of the big white scarf is in evidence.

For a big splash of white visit Printemps on Avenue Haussmann.

More Winter whites at Monoprix. I am currently on THE GREEK DIET as of last Friday after perusing the NYTimes story on Maria Loi's new diet book. I've always been a big fan of Fage Greek yogurt. And supposedly, after 2 weeks of just a full cup for dinner I will lose 10 pounds! I'm up for that PBers. Anyone want to join in? So far I'm really enjoying it, plus the addition of a little chopped fresh coconut (also from Monop).

*As it happens Bear is a whiz at making easy Greek yogurt lemon zest ice cream. The recipe is here. Hmm I don't think Maria Loi would approve of this for her '10 pillars of eating'...ahem.
Is there snow where you are?
In Paris we have drizzle...again.